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Thursday, April 11, 2002
IRONY ALERT: On occasion, when you go to Sullivan's site, "Ham Ass terrorist" Michael Moore's book pops up on the Amazon ad!
posted by a beam 10:08 AM
Neale Talbot's little "war-profiteering" remark and similar sentiments by this guy gets well-known "unreflective knee-jerk insular America-firster gun-pointing babe-clenching irony-deprived ahistorical cretin" James Lileks going! Also, another Lara Croft photo!
posted by a beam 9:21 AM
NO JOLIE IN DENBESTVILLE: Steven Den Beste takes a break from talking about ones and zeros to give us a little Lara Croft cheesecake! Woohoo! Death to Hamas!
posted by a beam 9:20 AM
Wednesday, April 10, 2002
TYPING WITH SULLIVAN: WaPo readers lobbed questions at Andrew Sullivan yesterday. Props to Orwell and Hitch! Hisses to Krugman and Moore! Quotes from Benedick! Sadly, zero percent Spotted Dick or tuna content!
posted by a beam 12:32 AM
Tuesday, April 09, 2002
DOGS AND CATS, LIVING TOGETHER: L.A. vampire-blogger Ken Layne posts twice before noon!
posted by a beam 12:40 PM
INSTAPUNDIT, ER, 'KING BLOGLORD' GETS A STALKER! Any of you slaughterbloggers out there wanna teach Warblogger Watch how to use blockquote? Except for the sputtering, I can hardly tell when he's quoting himself or a "neo-con momma's boy!"
posted by a beam 11:04 AM
Monday, April 08, 2002
TALK ABOUT GOOGLEWHACKING: OK, I'm sure this is old hat to Nataljia and the Samizdata folks, but I just got a Google hit for "Croatian porn stars." I bet he was disappointed. (By this site, not by Nataljia. If he found Nataljia, he's probably very happy.)
posted by a beam 5:41 PM
WARBLOGGING FOR FUN AND PROFIT: Dammit, Glenn, where's my Brink's truck? And I don't mean Virginia Postrel in a Dodge Ram hawking Brink Lindsey's "Against the Dead Hand."
posted by a beam 5:30 PM
YES WE'RE GOING TO A PARTY PARTY! It's Media Minded's birthday! What do you get the unidentified-copy-editor-for-a-major-daily-with-an-Amazing-Techie-Girlfriend who has everything?
posted by a beam 3:37 PM
WHEREFORE ART THOU, SULLIVAN? He's defending the monarchy and waxing Olde English about his "Much Ado About Nothing" role and taking Scandahoovian enviro-guru and "veggie teetotaler" Bjorn Lomborg out on the D.C. town like the warblogging profiteer he is! And if you've still got those burning questions about Spotted Dick and haven't seen your specialist yet, go here tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern for a live chat!
posted by a beam 12:35 PM
SICKBAY: Instantdude says sickness abound in his house today and he didn't get much sleep. That explains the sixteen posts!
posted by a beam 11:16 AM
Tony! Toni! Toné! Today Tony Pierce corrects a few of my misapprehensions (watch that first step! It's a, er, boobie!). And makes me cry! Also included, many pictures of Layne's wedding! And don't skip "The Best of Tony Pierce." Not to be missed, mi amigos!
posted by a beam 10:59 AM
Sunday, April 07, 2002
REYNOLDS WOBBLY WATCH: OK, we haven't had an update on Salon's sexless sex column since March 12 for chrissakes! He may be playing a deeper game, but I'm skeptical.
posted by a beam 7:27 PM
MORE EGO-LINKING! No. 11 at Blogdex!
posted by a beam 11:39 AM
HEY, MISTER VEEJAY: Hairy MTV'er-turned-blogger Adam Curry is on vacation in Dubai! (Photos here!) He finds it "unbelievable" that the media there have a "totally different perspective" on the Mideast crisis! Welcome to the world outside Eden, Adam!
posted by a beam 11:15 AM