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Friday, April 19, 2002
L.A. BLOG PARTY: Well, since YOURS TRULY'S invitation got lost in the mail, we'll have to get our reports from various attendees. The always-reliable Tony Pierce has the pictures and a report. Layne has a few margarita-fueled words, Mickey Kaus, well, Kaus is talking about the House Immigration Reform Caucus and had five posts before noon. What, you guys couldn't pour a few more drinks down his throat? Hell, even former adult film gossip-monger Luke Ford has a report! Scott Rubush, Rand Simberg and Eugene Volokh got bupkus! Virginia Postrel, Emmanuelle Richard and Heather Havrilesky are silent as well, but I will cut them slack as they are much better looking than those other dirty yahoos. Welch is apparently either still asleep or Richard Riordan has already hired him to run Los Angeles.

UPDATE: Emmanuelle has disturbing information!

UPDATE2: Layne says I was too invited. Well, yeah, some paragraph at the end of a loooong post spewed out to the whole internet! I'm more of a tastefully-engraved-with-enclosed-airline-tickets kinda guy. And hey, pal! Speaking of the fact-checking of asses, fix that link! How are we supposed to get our feud mentioned by Denton and Jarvis if yer sending all those hits meant for me to some musty old Tabloid.net page?
posted by a beam 12:17 PM
VIVE LA FRANCE! Connect(i)cut says this is an "almost French-speaking Weblog at this moment." So bienvenue to my French friends! Well, except the humorless ticket wench at Gare Montparnasse who assured us that the TGV would not run late and that a layover of 40 minutes at Irún was plenty of time to make sure we caught the train to Madrid. May she always be routed through O'Hare!
posted by a beam 11:24 AM
Thursday, April 18, 2002
MAIS WHEEEEE! Emmanuelle says: "Tony me soupçonnait d'être derrière le mystérieux blog a.beam, mais non, je n'y suis pour rien (et je donnerai cher pour savoir de qui il s'agit.)" Or, for you cretinous jackasses who don't speak the romantic language of Pétain, Hinault and Pierre-Henri Bunel, that means: "Tony took my soupcan and kicked the ass of the mysterious blog a.beam, but no, I am stuck in the pouring rain (and I don't share or save, so quit your ill agitation!)." Ah, the French! So poetic!

posted by a beam 9:55 PM
Wednesday, April 17, 2002
SEND IN THE CLONES: The Sarge says he's "run out of shit to say" and is taking a break to sit in the sun and move. Ha! So he would have you believe! The truth is out there! And it knows he's already in line for the new Star Wars flick!
posted by a beam 1:19 PM
WISE BUY: No bids yet in the auction of Tony Pierce's wisdom tooth (Picture may be unsuitable for dinnertime viewing). C'mon, people!

Also, the good Reverend first thought I might be Emmanuelle and now thinks I'm Layne's lovely wife Laura. O, that I had such beauty in me!
posted by a beam 1:13 PM
INSERT DICK JOKE HERE: Yeesh. A few more circumcision posts, and Andrew Sullivan will officially be the right-wing Dan Savage!
posted by a beam 12:18 AM
Tuesday, April 16, 2002
SITTIN' IN A TREE: James Wolcott just loooooooooves Ken Layne!
posted by a beam 4:50 PM
SCREED ON PAPER: Clay Waters says Lileks' "Notes from the Olive Garden" is in the new dead-tree version of the American Spectator.
posted by a beam 11:31 AM
NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH: Buy a piece of Rev. Tony Pierce's wisdom here!
posted by a beam 10:20 AM
Monday, April 15, 2002
TOO MUCH TIME WITH GOOGLE: Here's an update on where some of our favorite personalities rank in the First Name Ego Google Derby:
Ken Layne: Numero Uno
Matt Welch: No. 7. Worse than Drudge, (No. 2) but way better than Damon! (No. 23)
Glenn Reynolds: No. 3
Tim Blair: No. 3. Better than McGraw! (No. 5)
Nick Denton: No. 5, but the first non-Nickleodeon "Nick!"
Andrew Sullivan: No. 2
Tony Pierce: No. 27, better than Roma's (No. 31) Robbins (No. 35) and the Tiger! (No. 50)
Sgt. Stryker: No. 1, SIR!
James Lileks: No. 18, in tough competition. (Bond, Taylor, Madison)
Tom Tomorrow: No. 6, behind Snyder (No. 3) and Harkin (No. 5).
Natalie Solent: No. 3 behind only Imbruglia and Merchant!
Moira Breen: No. 19
Mickey Kaus: No. 1! Even beat the Mouse (No. 3) and Mantle! (No. 5)
Virginia Postrel: No. 2 when you filter out all the state crap!
Alex Beam: Lucky 13!
Michael Moore: No. 1, I'm afraid.
Ted Rall: No. 21, behind Stevens (No. 5), Hughes (No.12) and Williams (No. 19).
Paul Krugman: No. 4
posted by a beam 10:22 PM
MUCH ADO ABOUT BLOGGING: Great Shakespeare's ghost! Sullivan is even showing up in Wired now! Another publication Paul Krugman will have to put on his "too vile to read" list!
posted by a beam 1:17 PM
FUNNIEST MICHAEL MOORE CHEAP-SHOT OF THE WEEK: And it's only Monday! Tim Blair says Michael Moore "puts the 'hippo' in 'hypocrite'!"
posted by a beam 1:01 PM
DOES THIS MEAN KEN LAYNE HAS TO GET UP BEFORE NOON? Are Welch and Layne getting a real job?
posted by a beam 1:00 PM
Sunday, April 14, 2002
MATT WELCH'S OTHER BOOK: Christ almighty, Welch! Can't I even go to the bookstore without you staring at me? It's Sunday! Take the day off! Anyway, for the rest of you, the whole dirty story behind this fiasco is here.
posted by a beam 5:06 PM