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Saturday, April 27, 2002
LINKWHORES ONLINE: Once again, another filthy blogger steals an idea. Max Power reports:
LINK FROM Professor Reynolds = >2000 hits
LINK FROM Mickey Kaus = 30 hits
LINK FROM The American Prospect = 15 hits
I can confirm the Reynolds data. And add that Layne's good for 200-300. I understand the Prospect numbers (who reads that but Josh Marshall anyways?) But The Mickster only gets you 30? WTF? Hell, I get that many from people googling for "andrew+sullivan+circumcision"!

Shameless traffic tips not involving teen pop stars or, um, cheesecake!
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Obtain an op-ed column spot in The New York Times and whine about silly things!
Criticize your fellow bloggers for ignoring the wonderful world of steel!
The words "Heather," "Havrilesky" and "pictures" are a reliable hit generator!

Wanna know what your links are worth? Link me and find out! (No following your own link or sending your friends to drive up the count, you moral cretins!)
posted by a beam 1:02 PM
Friday, April 26, 2002
MOVE 'EM OUT! Go here and help Layne clear out all these books of his from beneath the floorboards under his office. We both thank you!
posted by a beam 3:14 PM
Thursday, April 25, 2002
NICE, UM, TRACTS OF LAND! Instantman is turning into a British tabloid!
posted by a beam 6:59 PM
OH. WELL. NEVER MIND: Much e-mail causes Media Minded to reconsider. Maybe. Damn. Just when I had reconfigured all my little bookmark tab thingies.
posted by a beam 6:46 PM
WORDS, WORDS, WORDS: Treacher's starting a "bloglossary." Best entry so far:
Instalanche: A sudden influx of thousands of hits that threatens to crush your server, brought on by a link from Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.com.
Ah, yes. I remember my one Instalanche well. Sigh. Good times.

But I believe I will now take this opportunity to express my loathing of the word "blogosphere." No offense, Bill, you're a smart dude and I gotta admit, the word's got legs. But just don't like it.

And no, I don't have an alternative! Must I do everything around here? My hands are full stalking Layne fer chrissakes!
posted by a beam 5:56 PM
COME TO THINK OF IT, I'VE NEVER SEEN US TOGETHER: Ken "Kenny Boy" Layne says: "Sometimes, I wonder if I'm A. Beam."

Shhhhhhhh! Remember, "First rule about Fight Club..."

And by the way, Sparky, stop tossing your empty wine bottles down here. I'm runnin' outta room.
posted by a beam 4:56 PM
GO TEAM BLEAH! New Times LA says Richard Riordan is talking to "a potential managing editor from Australia" for his new newspaper this week. And Tim Blair is in the city de los angeles! Hmmmmmm.
posted by a beam 2:57 PM
WHAT, PAGE 1 WAS FULL? The Reverend gets a big honkin' link from ESPN's Page 2! Huzzah!
posted by a beam 12:54 PM
Wednesday, April 24, 2002
RABBIT RULES! Heather Havrilesky identifies and dissects a new species of entertainment, "Wedding Porn," in Salon (the free part!). Best part: Ally McBeal being compared to Skeletor.
posted by a beam 8:45 PM
SULLIVAN FIX: Andy's taking a "mental health day." The theater! She is taxing! So here's a picture! Can't quite make out the legendary leather pants, though!

posted by a beam 7:49 PM
BLOGGERS WITH GUNS: Eugene Volokh continues in his quest to make sure all the L.A. bloggers are packin' heat. Or at least know what to do with the heat should they decide to pack it. Emmanuelle calls it a "sometimes painful but interesting experiment." Remember, buddies, "Mama says a pistol is the devil's right hand."
posted by a beam 7:05 PM
Tuesday, April 23, 2002
THAT'S THE NEWS AND HE IS OUTTA HERE! Media Minded checks out. Adios, mon ami!
posted by a beam 2:49 PM
ALL ABOUT ZAT SKUNK, PEPE LE PEN! My favorite bloggeur Francaise Emmanuelle has stuff about that slightly amusing election thing. But it's all in French, so it just looks to me like something from a romantic comedy starring some winsome big-eyed chick. Probably incisive commentary, though!
posted by a beam 12:30 AM
Monday, April 22, 2002
AND YOU THINK YOU GET HATE MAIL? Treacher gets inside my brain, steals my idea and gets Jeff Jarvis to spill about the Bill Cosby hate mail he's been tantalizing us with for months. But there's much, much more!
posted by a beam 11:07 PM
QUICK! BUY CUERVO STOCK! Uh oh. Tim Blair is headed to L.A.!
posted by a beam 11:01 PM
Sunday, April 21, 2002
NOW, HOWS ABOUT A TREACHER FEATURE? NYT has a Sunday Styles section story on the "Get Your War On" guy. Sample line: "The chicken sandwiches were excellent."
posted by a beam 12:28 PM
'PUTERS IN FLYOVER COUNTRY. WHO KNEW? A rare instance of a print outlet eschewing the condescending "look-at-the-cute-blogs" story and actually quoting something substantive from one! And calling the author a "journalist!" A link to poor link-deprived Welch woulda been nice, though, guys! (link via He Who Is Everywhere)
posted by a beam 11:47 AM