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Thursday, May 16, 2002
TEAM BLEAH, SPONSORED BY NIKE! That antipodean Blair creature is back in his own hemisphere, and he's writing about the "purity" of American sport:
The reason (Kobe) Bryant's shirt isn't decorated with logos has nothing to do with opposition to capitalism. It's because of capitalism. The NBA earns many millions from the rights to broadcast games and the sale of replica uniforms. Sharing the NBA brand with other corporations would dilute its power.
Yes! You are correct sir! And this is the inevitable, horrifying result:

Sure, you can buy a licensed replica of the thing, but it's not exactly something that's gonna keep ya whoop-ass-free if you run across a roving pack of the Coors Light demographic.
posted by a beam 8:21 PM
FIRST A BIG FAT GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY, NOW THIS! Woohoo! PoohPundit wins Eve Tushnet's Create-a-Blog-of-a-Famous-Figure Contest!
posted by a beam 3:46 PM
TERRIERS FOR EVERYONE! Well this is just great news! Now maybe some of us struggling third-tier bloggers can finally compete with some of the filthy foreign bloggers!
posted by a beam 9:29 AM
AND NOW, TODAY'S WARREN ZEVON REFERENCE: Eric Olsen says me and him got some sorta creepy "yin/yang opposite/simpatico" thing goin'! Apparently! Although if I had Dawn to spar with every day, I'd be rakin' leaves with Liza by now!
posted by a beam 9:25 AM
ADVANTAGE, BLOG NATION! Why did I already feel like I'd read the Time magazine that hit the mailbox yesterday? Let's take a tour, shall we?

Page 6, More on the French moron what wrote that Sept. 11 hoax book: Last Page already
fisked him!

Page 8, "Ten Questions with Erin Brockovich:" Hey, didn't the lazy bastards jut steal Tom Mangan's idea and add three questions?

Page 27, Otis Blackwell obit:Tony Pierce paid his respects!

Page 30, LAT photog, alleged PLO-symp Carolyn Cole's pics from the Church of the Nativity: The LA Examiner boys linked to the controversy.

Page 60, Gay priests: Andrew Sullivan, every frickin' day!

Page 70, Honkin' Spider-Man package, including Steve Ditko reference: Treacher had it, Lileks reviewed it!

Page 92, Breastfeeding and intelligence, with a really creepy illustration: Dawn Olsen got crazy about it!

Page 95, People section, might as well have been written by Pierce! Items on the Stones (Tony covered it here!), Anna Kournikova (Tony uncovered it here!) and Mariah Carey (Again, Tony!)

Why do I subscribe again?
posted by a beam 7:39 AM
Wednesday, May 15, 2002
BOMBS AWAY! Hey, if you've got a couple three spare hours on your hands, Dawn Olsen's got a big ol' interview with Marc Weisblott! Contains (gasp!) the vigorous dissing of other bloggers! And not just Adam Curry! Let the recriminations begin!
posted by a beam 8:38 PM
"A QUIET, ABNORMAL LIFE," OR "WHY ALL AMERICA SHOULD LOVE TIM BLAIR": After our little Warren Zevon reference yesterday, Welch sends along this bit of irony:
When Blair came and picked me up (for the Linse cigar gathering), he and I ran into my filthy guitar-playing neighbor (Ben Peeler, formerly of the Mavericks, currently weird-instrument-for-hire for the Wallflowers & others). Peeler made some weird comment that referenced Warren Zevon. I said, importantly, "Well,
just right now, we're going to meet up with Warren Zevon's close friends!" (Linse & WZ are pals.) Peeler: "Well, I played with Zevon." Except he didn't pronounce it Zee-von, it was more like zeVonn. Blair said, "Well, I've listened to Zevon's records!"
All hail Blair!

posted by a beam 6:36 PM
IT'S SPRING! Rabbit again rules Salon with an article on online dating, and The Reverend angles for a date with a certain young lady via his blog!
posted by a beam 5:04 PM
Tuesday, May 14, 2002
"I SAW KEN LAYNE DRINKIN' A PINA COLADA AT TRADER VIC'S. HIS HAIR WAS PERFECT!" Small, intimate gathering of the L.A. Brain Trust last night. And Tim Blair.
talks about it.
Welch talks about it.
Linse talks about it.
Olsen talks about Linse talking about it.
Layne staggers off and gets drunk with Han Solo.
posted by a beam 8:44 PM
ONE REASON TO MOVE TO ISRAEL: From the late, lamented Spy magazine, April 1990 (which also featured a letter from youngster Marc Weisblott!):
[F]or all the Jewish executives at Warner Bros. ... the company is still distributing Michael Moore’s Roger & Me. What does one have to do with the other? When Moore went looking for a distributor last year, one of his inviolate demands was that his documeantary not be shown in Israel. Although several distribution companies turned Moore down as a result, Warner Bros. apprently complied. The left-wing Moore, it seems, is adamantly pro-Palestinian and plans to examine the Israeli government in his next documentary. Yitzhak & Me?

posted by a beam 8:15 PM
AHEAD, WARP FACTOR GEEK! Enough with the briefly famous '80s VJs! Now let's watch briefly famous 24th Century Nerd Wil Wheaton!
I was sitting in traffic, waiting for a light to change, and I looked at the car to my right. The driver was a girl, probably in her early 20s, talking on a cell phone. She was crying, really hard, and seemed to be really frustrated with the person on the other end of the line.

As I watched her, I noticed something: we were separated by only a few feet, but we were completely isolated from each other in our cars. Different cars, different clothes, different ages, different music on our radios (unless she was listening to Return of Saturn also)...just looking at her, I couldn't tell if we would have had anything in common, other than our basic humanity.

I watched her, and I began to feel really badly for her. Just by watching her, I could feel her frustration with the person on the other end of the line, and it made me really sad, and I began to cry.

I cried, really hard, for close to 5 minutes, because of a person who I have never seen before, and will probably never see again.

I thought about what a metaphor that was for life, and the way we all deal with one another. We move through our lives, passing closely to hundreds of people each day, and we're total strangers to each other. We keep our heads down, averting our eyes, rarely looking up to say hello to a stranger in the hallway. Even in our own families we isolate ourselves in our metaphorical cars, and stay in our own metaphorical lanes.

I wonder how different the world would be if we made an effort to roll down our metaphorical windows and say hello more often.
Awwwwww! He apparently hasn't gotten his form-fitting Federation-issued bodysuit in a bunch about Pim Fortuyn yet, but he's pissed about Enron!
posted by a beam 2:41 PM

"Give us a kiss, Eric!"

posted by a beam 10:53 AM
DUTCH TREAT! Hoooo-eeee! Looks like I blew a little too much sunshine up uno de Producer's skirt!
I still want "I Know So Many Languages I Mash Them All Up Together Like a UN Translator With a Brain Tumor" Adam "He Wishes He Was That Spicy" Curry to kindly return to quietly boring the shit out of his tulips and leave us Americans the hell alone. Curry wouldn't have been on the Fortuyn story in the first place if he weren't a Hague-humping traitor. Good thing we deported his feathery-haired ass for being so mama-freaking annoying, or he'd still be here trying to stick his beak into our collective nutsack.
Go read that! Much fun!
posted by a beam 10:44 AM
Monday, May 13, 2002
NEXT TARGET, DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS! A buncha my compadres are harshing all over hairy '80s relic Adam Curry's ass (and Instantman's for linking to him) because he, living in the Netherlands, has the huevos to post his opinions about the Pim Fortuyn murder on his weblog! Quelle horreur! Buddies! Take a big ol' Amsterdam toke! This is what the bloggin's all about! Dude's onsite, tellin' us what he's seeing and hearing! Yeah, he's uncool and hairy and self-involved and can't spell, but the sad fact is, he had more context in the first day or two than the By-God New York Times! And he's still the only blogger I've seen to actually link to an English version of Fortuyn's platform. Let's have a little tolerance for our faded '80s celebs! We wouldn't have "Behind the Music" without them!
posted by a beam 6:24 PM