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Friday, May 31, 2002
NO HANGING CHADS HERE! In blogger sex news, Moore is having a Sexiest Female Blogger poll, so in preparation, that shrinking wallflower Dawn gives the electorate her vitals and threatens to post pictures!
posted by a beam 5:37 PM
TAKIN' THE GOSPEL TO THE INK-STAINED WRETCHES: Everybody else is a-linkin' to American Journalism Review's seminal blog piece by the inestimable Cathy Seipp (who is IN NO WAY MARRIED TO MICKEY KAUS), so I will too. Now blog, woman!
posted by a beam 4:57 PM
Thursday, May 30, 2002
HERE, KITTY, KITTY: Hey! Go give Dawn money before she hurts something! I mean, Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ! She hasn't had a non-sex-related post in days! Today was about wanking for pity's sake! What more do you people want?
posted by a beam 9:33 PM
PARADE OF THE BABES: If you didn't watch Miss Universe last night, Tony Pierce has the goods for your lazy, basketball watchin' ass.
posted by a beam 9:01 AM
Wednesday, May 29, 2002
SHALOM, COWBOY! Today's best Google hit: "photos of horny jewish girls in austin tx!"
posted by a beam 2:14 PM
THE OTHER WHITE MATT: Dawn's got another one of her interview thingies up. Today's victim, Matt Moore, the guy with the URL you'd better bookmark, 'cause you'll never remember it otherwise. Interview, as always, has many intimate details. So don't tell his mother.
posted by a beam 1:52 PM
Tuesday, May 28, 2002
POMPOUS CIRCUMSTANCE: It probably means something significant that I'm No. 2 on a Google search for "pompus git," but I'm too self-important to really put much time into thinking about it.
posted by a beam 3:51 PM
Monday, May 27, 2002
A LITTLE MEMORIAL DAY FUN WITH THE FRENCH: Sorry to bore you again with tales of men in tight shorts pedaling around Europe, but there's a reason you bloggers should love the bike racing: Kicking the Euro Ass.

Tyler Hamilton, Marblehead, Mass., winner,
Stage 14 of the Tour of Italy on Sunday, currently 3rd in the overall standings.

Lance Armstrong, Austin, Texas, winner, Grand Prix du Midi-Libre, France on Sunday.

By the way, when was the last time a Frenchman won the Tour de France? How many times has an American won since then?
posted by a beam 4:42 PM
REASON NO. 8,035 TO DRINK REAL BEER: antiMUSIC is giving some web space love to the fight Marty Thau (uno of the Tres Producers) has been having with the pissants at Heineken over his Red Star Records label he's been running for 25 years. They're saying he shouldn't object because they're nobly trying to "benefit urban musicians!" Riiiiiiight. Movin' product has nothin' to do with it! And Erykah Badu has Heineken to thank for her No. 20 spot on the 2001 Billboard R&B chart! You betcha!
posted by a beam 4:22 PM