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Friday, June 07, 2002
BAD NEWS, TINKERBELL: Tony! What're you saying, buddy? Don't do this to us!
posted by a beam 7:57 PM
SEARCHING FOR GENERAL TSO: Blair's got the scoop! Alex Beam moves to China!
posted by a beam 11:35 AM
OFF TO THE BASEMENT: Headed downstairs today with cat and computer to join the spiders! abeam.blogspot.com corporate headquarters will be relocating there for the summer as well.
posted by a beam 10:50 AM
Thursday, June 06, 2002
WELL, THAT ABOUT SETTLES IT! Jim-Boy likes the Star Wars!
posted by a beam 9:49 PM
SLUMMING IN LOWER BLOGOVIA: Well, well! Look who's been skulking around!
posted by a beam 8:10 PM
T., A., AND O-DUB: Y'know, if that talentless hack can make MSN do it, surely the Power of the Bloggers can be harnessed to make Maxim give Oliver Willis a nice, shiny, professionally edited blog!
posted by a beam 7:53 PM
SCREW TYSON! WELCH-WEBB IS ON! Hey, everybody! Go watch Welch bitch-slap a little Metafilter punk!
posted by a beam 7:28 PM
THANKS, DAWN! I'LL SEND THE LAWYERS YOUR WAY! Hey, Alex Beam! If you're here because of that little e-mail you got from my stalker, welcome to your own little corner of the net! Start at the beginning! (Warning: contents may include tuna!)
posted by a beam 2:21 PM
QUOTE OF THE CENTURY OF THE WEEK "Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world, and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that." – Steve Earle
posted by a beam 1:53 PM
Wednesday, June 05, 2002
YOU'RE ALL MY WITNESSES! By the way, Dawn said: "I am laying low and stalking A. Beam of suspicion now." You listening Mr. Ashcroft?
posted by a beam 2:01 PM
HAVE ONE ON THE HOUSE: Dawn interviews Vodkapundit! And he lets slip that he means to "pay a lot more attention" to me, but hasn't "found the time!" C'mon buddy! I'm purty damn low maintenance! Coupla bad puns, an inside joke or two and you're on yer way to DenBeste! And I've taken a vow to never mention Howell Raines or teen sex! Well, unless they ask!
posted by a beam 1:58 PM
Tuesday, June 04, 2002
HONEY! JAMES BAKER'S ON THE PHONE! In a blatant attempt to influence the electorate and rise from her current 4.3 percent, Dawn posts pictures! Shoulda tried that before the polls opened, darlin'!
posted by a beam 12:40 PM
Monday, June 03, 2002
WAY TO PAY ATTENTION THERE, SPORT! Sullivan posts on The Fiskster's column in which he whines about death threats and quotes one Judea Pearl. And Sullivan asks: "Is Fisk aware that Daniel Pearl's father is called Judea and works at UCLA?"

Well, duh! Is Sullivan aware H.D. Miller and Max Power revealed this (with an assist from the InstantMan) to the rest of us TWENTY-ONE DAYS AGO? Step outta your little blue universe every once in a while and take a look around, buddy!
posted by a beam 8:38 PM
PSSST! WANNA BUY A VOTE? Moore's got his Sexiest Blogger of the Female Persuasion up, yo! Forty minutes into polling, Dawn takes an early lead. How much ya give me if I vote for ya, baby?
posted by a beam 11:41 AM
Sunday, June 02, 2002
ARR! JOKE'S ON YOU, MATEY! Privateer scores on Treacher with a little Google joke! Hey, Pirate dude, you weren't the joker looking for "photos of horny jewish girls in austin tx!" were ya?
posted by a beam 3:41 PM
JOB'S DEAD, GET A JERRY: Eric Olsen enters Joanne Jacobs' site and comes out with a big ol' fascinatin' post on "Uncle John's Band," the Dead, Vietnam, the '60s and Sen. Pat Leahy, D-Deadhead!
posted by a beam 3:31 PM
NOT ANOTHER FARGIN' POLL! Dammit, Dawn! I'm spending so much time on the freakin' campaign trail I have no time to actually sit down and formulate coherent policy! This is no way to run a blog! At this rate Treacher's gonna take over, and we all know what he'll do! That's right! Skin-tight superhero suits for everyone! And lemme tell ya, there are many, many people who should stay FAR AWAY from Lycra! So go here, scroll down, vote for me! If you don't, the Spider-Men will have won!
posted by a beam 3:19 PM


posted by a beam 3:03 PM