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Friday, June 14, 2002
STOP THE PRESS! The beagle! It's beguiling!
posted by a beam 6:59 PM
SPECIAL GUEST STARS: Tony's lookin' for guest columnists of the female persuasion! Among the details is:
the invite is open to women who want to write something that they wouldnt dare write on their site...
Well! Doesn't leave much for Dawn to write about, does it?
posted by a beam 6:19 PM
Thursday, June 13, 2002
ENOUGH ABOUT GUNS'N'DIRTYBOMZ'N'STUFF! THIS IS IMPORTANT! Just what, for the love of all that is holy, is going on here?

Well, we know the LA blogger gang all really wanna be rock stars!

But what's Marshall's deal? Maybe a superhero-secret identity thing!

He's SuperBlogger! Fighting for Truth! Justice! A Chandra update every day!

The disguise gambit works for Ashleigh Banfield!

I saw her while having Sunday brunch at the French Roast last fall. She noticed me noticing her, and next time I looked over, the famed glasses were pushed back on her head! Presto! Anonymity! Couldn't have picked her out of a lineup at Tora Bora! Maybe Clark Kent and the people of Metropolis weren't such idiots after all!
posted by a beam 3:59 PM
OH, CRIPES: Whatever I said, I'm not responsible!
posted by a beam 10:28 AM
Wednesday, June 12, 2002
IT'S A GOOD HARE DAY! Rabbit is posting every hour today! And Tony plans an interview!
posted by a beam 3:40 PM
Tuesday, June 11, 2002
ACK! Oh, shut up and draw something, penguin boy!
posted by a beam 8:17 PM
WE SUCK UP, YOU DECIDE! Looks like Layne's sending a few smooches in the direction of those absolute geniuses at everyone's favorite news channel FoxNews for that DC plane ticket! C'mon, buddies! It's a marketing no-brainer! National Press Club! Potential C-Span exposure!
posted by a beam 4:43 PM
MR. LAYNE GOES TO WASHINGTON: For some blogging panel dealio! But not if you don't go hit his tip-jar! Lileks will be there! Instant will be there! Mickster will be there! Just think of the fine quality blogging product you'll receive in return!
posted by a beam 3:44 PM
LATE NIGHT, MATT? If Moore isn't bowing before the porcelain god, the results of that Sexy Female Bloggerette poll thing should be here in a few hours!

UPDATE: And here it is!
posted by a beam 12:12 AM
Monday, June 10, 2002
GIVE IT UP, AMIGOS! Tony's gotta whole list o' folks who need to give up the linky lovin' if the busblog's gonna survive! If yer on it, do the right thing! Moore and Isaac-the-Hahvahd-dude, fine, upstanding human beams that they are, have duly complied!
posted by a beam 7:39 PM
EVERYBODY GO RALPH ON WELCH! Layne, tired of his come-to-Jesus speeches about Welch's theoretical Nader book falling on Welch's deaf ears, takes matters into the Blogosphere's hands!
posted by a beam 6:34 PM
AND NOW, THE DAILY DISCLAIMER NOW REQUIRED ON ALL WEB LOGS BY MAXIMUM LEADER CAMERON BARRETT: I would hereby like to make it clear to my audience that in no way am I the only kind of Weblog out there! For instance, there's Adam Curry!
posted by a beam 7:06 AM
Sunday, June 09, 2002
SOMEWHERE, FAR, FAR FROM THE FRENCH OPEN, ANNA IS WEEPING: The Reverend confirms it. Sez he wants to retire the busblog July 7. Suggests, however, he'll keep it if 50 righteous men can be found in L.A. ... Oops. Wrong Reverend. Says if 100 sites link him that don't link him now, he'll keep it. Get crackin', you slackers!
posted by a beam 10:46 PM
AHHHHHHHHH: Sorry for the blank weekend, but the new a. beam intern gives marvelous massages!
posted by a beam 10:37 PM