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Thursday, July 25, 2002
And what am I doing in this handbasket?

posted by a beam 8:53 PM
BLAND IN BOSTON: Moronic (do they have any other kind?) Boston Globe writer Ron Borges "writes" on MSNBC.com that Lance Armstrong is sure impressive, but he ain't no athlete! Sure thing, Ronnie! Riding your bike 100+ miles a day in the pouring rain and burning sun up some of the steepest, nastiest, roughest goat trails in France? And then back down on twisty 60 mph descents where a blown tire or a slight miscalculation could send you over a cliff or into a rock and KILL YOU? And doing it faster than any of the other 180 guys who are planning, strategizing and colluding to beat you? And doing this EVERY DAY FOR THREE FUCKING WEEKS? No big deal! Give Ronnie a few Power Bars and a pretty girl to kiss at the end and he'll do it his own bad self! I don't have the patience to give this guy the whacking he's apparently begging for, but over in Little Green Footballs' comments section, Raj has not let his lack of a blog stop him from getting his Fisk on!
posted by a beam 7:57 PM
Wednesday, July 24, 2002
MORE FUN WITH WARREN: Amish Tech Support gives it a shot!
posted by a beam 3:58 PM
THE BASTARDS WIN AGAIN: Dammit! Don't know much about this CARP thing, but if it means KPIG has gotta pull their internet plug, I will now go on record as saying it sucks.
posted by a beam 3:49 PM
Tuesday, July 23, 2002
THE WAITING IS THE FUNNIEST PART: Go here! And be sure to watch your browser's little status bar!
posted by a beam 8:29 PM
TIMMY STRIKES UP THE BAND: My jokey little Zevon/blogger headline inspires Blair to e-mail more in from the Outback!
"Instapundit's Radio"
"Bad Luck Streak in Fisking School"
"Looking For The Next Abeam"
"I'll Sleep When I'm Read"
"Solent of London"
"Bloggers, Guns, and PayPal"
and of course, those two figures of gunslinging, gang-leading legend:
"Ken And Laura Crane"
It's fun! Go here and play at home!
posted by a beam 7:33 PM

One of these men:
- is American.
- has won the
Tour de France three consecutive times.
- is leading the 2002 Tour de France by a healthy margin.
- rode up the killer (literally) Mount Ventoux on Sunday in 58 minutes. One of the fastest times ever.
- has been tested for illegal performance-enhancing substances countless times and never tested positive.
- was investigated by the French government on doping allegations (made by the French media) for two years. They have found nothing.
- was booed and called "doped" by many French fans on Sunday.

The other of these men:
- is French.
- has never won the Tour de France.
- is nearly 16 minutes behind the leader of the Tour de France.
- rode up Mount Ventoux more than five minutes slower than the American.
- was on the team which was kicked out of the '98 Tour when a team car was discovered to be a rolling pharmacy of doping products.
- has admitted knowingly taking illegal performance-enhancing drugs.
- had his racing license suspended for nine months for doping.
- was asked this month: "If you were sure of winning the Tour by being doped but knew you would not get caught, would you do it?" He answered: "Win the Tour doped, but without getting caught? Yes."
- was wildly cheered by French fans on Sunday.

posted by a beam 4:40 PM
Monday, July 22, 2002


abeam, you are Sphinx!

You are a mysterious being, Lady Sphinx, distinguished by your deep wisdom, strength, and royal power. You've also got a special something that draws people to you — even if they can't explain why. ... Your gifts make you alluring, but not too revealing. You'll always hold the secrets of life and keep 'em guessing. You've got plenty to show the world — so get out there and show them what you're made of!
posted by a beam 7:53 PM
ON A MUSICAL NOTE: Big thanks to Layne for hyping those cool cats Pink Martini (go buy the album now!) and Welch for sticking up for Steve Earle. UPDATE: Eric Olsen and Marc Weisblott take up the Earle cause with thoughtful thoughts!
posted by a beam 4:17 PM

ACCIDENTALLY LIKE A BLOGGER: You've all heard the monster babe-and-rock-star-filled L.A. blog bash
reports and seen the pictures. But if this one photo doesn't prove to you once and for all in all sorts of ways that the geeks have lost control of the blogosphere, go ahead and check out that WorldCom stock your broker's been bugging you about!
posted by a beam 4:01 PM
THANKS BE TO ALLA THE BLOG GODS: Well, it looks like my week of drowning in beer, mountain biking and high-desert air appeased the dieties enough to allow Layne and Welch to return!
posted by a beam 3:37 PM