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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
"SHOPPING FOR A PAIR OF SHOES, SHOPPING FOR A HAT" Over at Welch's, in the comments of this post, somebody brought up the damn hat again. You know, this one:

Well, Welch allowed as maybe it was time for a new one. Let's look at some options!

"I am zee commissaire de la revolution bloggeur! Bring me zee head de Noam Chomsky!"

Well, maybe if he wants to get a date with Richard Gere.

"You can have my girl, but don't touch my hat."

Great for Weapons of Mass Destruction Day at the ballpark!

Two for one! On the left, understated yet stylish, we have one just perfect for the imparting of collective absolution after those wild LA parties! And on the right, a prime specimen for those lovely evenings crying silently by the side of the 5 while watching people throwing trash out of their cars!

Not really, I just thought it was so cool that this was Bill Monroe's hat!

Just a little too "Texas," I think.

Some of us filthy Yankees fans might like to see this. But you know those ruthless Anaheim street gangs! Hard to blog after a guy in a Goofy suit breaks your fingers.

This jaunty little number says both "I'm prepared" and "Golly, I'm sure going to get my ass kicked after school today!" Also has the marital advantage of a certain Frenchiness!

And my favorite...

Hey, pal! If it's good enough for Zevon...!
posted by a beam 9:59 PM