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Friday, October 04, 2002
"THEY'VE GOT CARS BIG AS BARS/THEY'VE GOT RIVERS OF GOLD" I must now take a short break from my grueling schedule of intermittent blogging. It has come to my attention that there are numerous fine drinking establishments on the Isle of Manhattan which have gone nearly an entire year without serving me a drink! THIS SHALL NOT STAND! (Plus, I need to get there before Blair sucks the town dry!) Della! Get me on the next flight to Newark!
posted by a beam 10:34 PM
BREAKING AWAY FROM THE COMMENTS PAGE: Hey! Check out my blogkid! Back in July I told Roger Bournival that he needed to stop limiting his venting to LGF's comments page and get himself a blog! So he did! With a great name and everything!
posted by a beam 10:08 PM
Thursday, October 03, 2002
GIVING BLOGGER THE BIG "UP YOURS": Dawn Olsen, of whom I apparently possess naked pictures (Really! She says so! I'd better search the hard drive!) has moved!
posted by a beam 5:05 PM
'THE BIG DICK' AND A BIGGER A-HOLE: A big ol' fat, rotten raspberry to RJ Smith of LA Magazine for snidely referring to Layne and Welch as "college dropouts." Apparently your fancy education doesn't keep you from writing a hackneyed lead (Keep his chess reference in mind, folks, it'll come back around! It's in The Formula!) or using phony words like "strategize!" And what the hell does it mean to have an "abstracted" look on one's face? Something like this? Also a bonus berry for calling blogs a "reckless" use of the First Amendment!
posted by a beam 1:47 PM