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Friday, April 04, 2003
GIVE PREACH A CHANCE: Buncha anti-war songs available for download over at Salon. A whole half-hour of self-righteousness for your ass! And no deep insight to clutter your little brain! Apparently, it's all about Florida. Who knew! Oh, also OOOOOIIIIIIILLLLLLL! Guess that's easier to rhyme than "multilateralism." (Nobody went for "Iraq/Chirac" though! That's a gimme!) (The Beastie Boys do try "America/hysterica.") And Johnny Cougar seems to think the only reason we decided to have that pesky 2000 election was Clinton's little hummer!

Eight years of peace and prosperity
Scandal in the White House
An election is what we need.

Stupid Constitution!

posted by a beam 8:13 PM
DO YOU NEED YOUR STEENKING MADGE? The all-seeing Rabbitblog has dug up Madonna's new video! And if you're up for jumping through Salon's hoops, you can read about it and watch it here.
posted by a beam 10:57 AM
Thursday, April 03, 2003
A NOT-SO-LARGE AMERICAN PENIS: Kevin, our Navy man in Iraq (fresh from a Time magazine appearance!), finds a 20/20 guy's camera in Umm Qasr, takes a little tour through the memory card and gets an eyeful!
posted by a beam 4:27 PM
EXCUSES, EXCUSES: I know. You're asking: "Other than being fired for revealing the strategic placement of Aaron Brown's hair replacement
installations and hustled at gunpoint onto the midnight bus to Amman, what the hell have you been doing the last five months?"

Well, here's a theory:

* A trip to the capital of the cheese-eaters. (Here, not here)

* Posed a question of the nuptial variety in a big, old, tall building.

* Sold old, small house.

* Bought new, big house way up in the west hills.

* Had the nuptial event.

* Repaired to the slopes.

* Friggin' war.

Of course, it's equally possible I've been in rehab. Or simply had nothing remotely interesting to say for five months!
posted by a beam 12:01 AM
Wednesday, April 02, 2003
MEA MAXIMA CULPA. AGAIN: Cathy Seipp remembers my muse Alex Beam! She also remembers, for all to see, my glorious screwup on my first day on the job! Which was on the net for what, an hour? But I deserve it! And anyone who can take apart Her Dowdness like this (right in The Dowd's yard, even!) can punish me anytime!

posted by a beam 11:50 PM
PAGE LINK: Page e-mails from the end of the internet to complain about the lack of linky-love. She also claims to be better looking than Treacher. Oooh! Pretty gusty claim for an anonyblogger!
posted by a beam 8:36 PM
STEPPED ON BY THE MAN: The bastards just fired Matt Moore. Go buy him a beer.
posted by a beam 1:33 PM

ARMAGEDDON A LITTLE CREEPED OUT: Lord have mercy, is that actually a hunk of straw in Welch's mouth?
posted by a beam 1:11 PM
Tuesday, April 01, 2003
JIM TREACHER LINKS TO ME, AND I LIKE THAT: Wow! A Treacher-link is worth quite a bit these days! Y'all gots good taste!
posted by a beam 10:22 PM
TV BLOGGIN': Hey! Turn on CNN! Prof. Instant's yakking with Aaron Brown! There was Blair content! UPDATE: Emmanuelle's got vidcaps!
posted by a beam 9:30 PM
WASN'T THAT WHOLE BLOOGLE THING SUPPOSED TO FIX THIS? Well isn't this just the way? I crawl out of my cave just as somebody breaks Blogger.
posted by a beam 11:32 AM
THE IMPERIALISTIC EXPANSION OF THE A. BEAM HEGEMONY: I am pleased to see that Cathy Seipp (who is IN NO WAY MARRIED TO MICKEY KAUS), has bowed to my wishes.
posted by a beam 11:13 AM
THE APRIL FOOL'S RETURN: Well, since I've been kicked out of Iraq and fired by the network (not to mention the wailing from Blair), maybe I should get back to this blog thing!
posted by a beam 10:11 AM