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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
MOORE IDIOCY FROM THE LARDASS: Buried deep in the fleshy folds of his latest screed, everybody's favorite Useless Idiot calls the Dixie Chicks' "Travelin' Soldier" an "anti-war ballad." Actually listened to the song, jackass? It's a sentimental little tune about a young soldier in Vietnam and the hometown girl who loves him. Sad, sure, but it ain't no "Masters of War." Plus which, the song is seven years old, so it's got fuck all to do with anything going on right now. And the reason it's pretty popular lately, big boy (despite the idiot country music stations), is not because it's some brave statement or because Natalie Maines shot her mouth off. It's because there are a few folks in harms way right now, and a lotta the people sitting home worrying about them are country music fans. You know, the kind of blue-collar folks you "respect" so much.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

(via Travelling Shoes)
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Monday, April 14, 2003
NO POOP FOR YOU! No post here, but I couldn't resist this headline! I mean, c'mon! It's germane and it's a Seinfeld reference! Synergy!
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MORE CRAP! And here's one created just to make fun of it! Assignment desk: How does this Faster Filing thing or whatever it is apply to the use of the excretory process for political gain? And how does it relate to welfare reform and the flash new Acuras? Take it away, Mickey!
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AWWW. LOOK AT THE BABY! Here's a blog devoted to the Poop for Peace thing! Apparently "written" by an infant! Lovely. Upside: So, if people are now channeling these sorts of creative writing urges into their blogs, does that mean I'll start getting fewer annual Christmas letters "written" by various family dogs around the country?
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A MOVEMENT WE CAN ALL GET BEHIND: Well here's a reason to get out of bed tomorrow!
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LOOTERS! I HATE THOSE GUYS! Much anguished keening in the comments to this post about the sacking of that Iraqi museum (sounds like some people are taking sick days!). But the best part (other than all the Treacher-content!) is this from Kevin Parrott:
What really makes me cry is thinking of the The Ark of the Covenant wasting away in that government warehouse forever, after Indiana Jones worked so hard to find it.
"Wo ist Jones" when you need him! (via Treacher)
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OK, NO IT'S NOT. There's a war on, people! Or haven't you been listening to the BBC? Howell Raines isn't taking a week off!
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INSERT CUTE BUNNY PICTURE: I'm taking a breather this week. After round-the-clock blogging and donation-counting since the new year, it's time for a break.
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TOO MUCH ROAST BEEF? Oh man the sentence structure and punctuation of the Ken Layne blog is beginning to be affected by the reading of much Achewood I believe
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