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Thursday, April 24, 2003
JAFA: (JAF-eh) n. Slang. Term used by locals in certain Canadian ski resorts to refer to a class of people known to frequent such towns and dominate many service industry jobs. Acronym for "Just Another Fucking Australian."
posted by a beam 11:44 PM
MUCH SCREEDY GOODNESS: If you're one of the poor souls crawling into toilets and evacuating yourself into buckets because of Lileks withdrawal, you may want to go take a gander at his political columns. I rarely see anybody link to them, but they're all online if you know where to look! And I'll give ya the love right here! Note, however, that it's a Newhouse site, and like most anything Newhouse-related on the web, it, well, sucks (no disrespect to Jarvis). So bear with me. The Lileks page is here. It's got columns up to March 26 (right on top of things, they are!) The columns since then are here, here, here and here.
posted by a beam 8:02 PM
BLEAT ME! So I can get my daily dose of Lileks from the computer in my tastefully appointed home, but when I try from my desk at Evil Corporation Inc., I just get some damn domain hosting site. This is going to severely cramp my rigorous regime of Goofing Off On The Man's Time!
posted by a beam 4:41 PM
MY PUCE THEORY: I think Treacher's Puce and Pucewatch! Great coup, there, ya punk! Update: Ding!
posted by a beam 12:51 PM
AND PUCE IS ... Is this an admission of guilt?
posted by a beam 12:37 PM
Wednesday, April 23, 2003
ONE MUST ADMIT, MERLE NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD: I love the First Amendment! (via J.A.F.A.)
posted by a beam 9:11 PM
posted by a beam 5:39 PM
HOLY CRAP, BLEATMAN! Just tried to go to Lileks and got some page saying the domain expired! This would really, really suck, people! Update: The Prof sez he can still get there (sure it's not just your cache, buddy?) but e-mails to Lileks are bouncing back. Hopefully he's just down at the Target with Salam Pax! Update2: OK, he's back. But Instantman steals my joke!
posted by a beam 5:08 PM
Monday, April 21, 2003
KEN LAYNE FOR PRINCE OF DARKNESS '04: Some of youse out there think that great Ken Layne poster over on the peacenick site is some sorta foul insult. Buddies! Am I nuts to want a poster-sized version? It's hysterical! Plus with "'Touche' said the coonass to the yat" she gives a little hat-tip to the opposition! (The artist, Melanie Goux, is a Baton Rouge native, what some Cajuns might call a "coonass;" Layne's from New Orleans, where the "yats" live; also note the "Larry Jonestowne" reference: Peace chick does her homework!). And in her blog she writes:
Finally, during the course of this project, (rules be damned) I received a small number of pro-war posters, some of which were very well done and thought provoking. Although I disagree with the sentiments expressed in these pieces, they deserve to be shown. Therefore, at some point in the near future, I will post them on a special page, to be dedicated to my favorite staunch conservative, my dear father. In spite of our differing political views, we love and admire each other very much.
So hey! Let's all have a group hug!

Update: Well Layne (damn him to, er, well, somewhere) beat me to half this by about six minutes. With the same "coonass" link even! Yikes!

Update2: Of course none of this means that Sir Pranks-A-Lot and his "sensational peace poster prank of '03" weren't brilliant!
posted by a beam 8:24 PM
"Personally, I blame everything on Ken Layne, who got me into blogging in the first place." - Dave Barry

posted by a beam 6:34 PM
GO AS HELL PORKIE: Are teh thouhgts for you A. Beam are Puce bloger? Then wish to go as selcet here! CLICK
posted by a beam 3:36 PM