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Friday, May 02, 2003
EE! EE! EE! I plugged in an e.e. cummings poem and couldn't tell the difference:
Picasso XXIII Picasso XXIII Picasso you make us
Things which bulge:
grunting lungs pumped full of
Nothing grabbed with circular shrieking tightness
solid screams whisper. Lumberman of
sharp thick mind you make us
shrill presents always shut in the
black unbunged
Something gushes

posted by a beam 9:12 PM
POETRY MEN: OK. While all you self-absorbed jackasses are busy plugging your own URL's into the magic poem machine (You know who you are!), I'm providing a service for humanity! For instance, Robert Fisk, Poet and Gutter of Protestors!
Going on them
members of 20,000
protested at once . Now
gutted by Robert Fisk 17 April
three weeks into the Shias are a
puppet government on
valium before his fiancee, Jessica,
in finding it.
was not supposed to believe,
it, tells the marine Division, a
curfew orders. for example,
is that Farzad Bazoft, the craters Indeed, when
I can promise them
may well
be asked of 35 ministries being placed under Saddam?
written by fire to
Washington or woman shouted at once .
Now another fire, because
of papers.
And his lung-buddy John Pilger starts off bold but gets himself so worked up he collapses into a quivering mass of HTML!
The war was the murder of their
children are clearly scouts ;
the victory
of the aggressor
is the corruption of the , hands of a
soldier was no regrets about opening
fire, it is for example, wtl_Tag6 wtl_TagID,146234; var SERVER= ;
var wtl_TagVer = 6;
var wtl_FWD = 0; WTL_TAG =
new Image; WTL_TAG.ID = WTL_TAG ; ID =
WTL_TAG ; new Image; WTL_TAG.
new Image; WTL_TAG.
var CARTREMOVE= ; var wtl_Offset = 0 ;
WTL_TAG = new Image;
new Image; WTL_TAG.

posted by a beam 8:25 PM
Thursday, May 01, 2003
TYPOS OF THE TIMES: Remember last week when we, the almighty New York Times, said so unequivocally that "at least 170,000 artifacts were carried away" from the National Museum of Iraq? Actually, it looks like it was more like, um, maybe twenty-five. Whooooops!
posted by a beam 12:38 PM
Wednesday, April 30, 2003
WHAT'S KEN LAYNE DOING IN MY IPOD? Nice tune there, Mick. And actually fits very nicely in the ITunes library sandwiched between The Pogues' "Worms" and Kelly Willis' "Wrapped."
posted by a beam 7:12 PM

Do you know why you're here?
Yes, there's great confusion on earth
And the power that is has concluded the following
Perfect man has visited earth already and his voice was heard
The voice of imperfect man must now be made manifest
And I have been selected as the most likely candidate
Yes, the time is April, and therefore you, a Taurus, must go
To be born under the same sign twice adds strength
And this strength, combined with wisdom and love, is the key

posted by a beam 12:04 AM