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Friday, May 16, 2003


posted by a beam 11:25 PM
Wednesday, May 14, 2003
WHILE WE'RE TIMES-BASHING: Times corrections, mostly shorter than Sunday's behemoth, from this amusing book:
February 18, 1989: A brief article about the visit of Prince Charles to the United States misidentified a member of a group that was to meet with him in Washington. The member was Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., deputy publisher of The New York Times, not Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, the publisher.
November 7, 2000: An obituary about Robert M. Carroll, armorer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, gave a misspelled name in some copies for the curatorship held by Stuart W. Pyhrr. He is the Arthur Ochs Sulzberger curator, not Sulzburger.
November 28, 1999: A column about a family on Roosevelt Island misidentified the river that separates the island from the East Side of Manhattan. It is the East River, not the Hudson.
March 21, 1994: It is with great chagrin that we acknowledge two or arguably three errors in our French in an editorial on the drive to purge the French language of English intrusions. The phrases should have read bete noire, heures de grande ecoute and, arguably, cris de coeur.
March 11, 1975: In yesterday's issue, The New York Times did not report on riots in Milan and the subsequent murder of the lay religious reformer Erlembald. These events took place in 1075, the year given in the dateline under the nameplate on Page 1. The Times regrets both incidents.
December 3, 2000: An interview transcript in The Times Magazine about Bernard Shaw, the CNN anchor, misspelled the brand name of the gin in a martini he savored the day after the election. It is Bombay Sapphire, named for the gemstone. (Safire, also a refreshing spirit, was the author of the column five pages later.)
July 22, 1988: Page 52 in some copies on Saturday was blank.

posted by a beam 6:47 PM

QUESTION OF THE DAY: How long do we suppose
Drudge will get to keep that banner ad?
posted by a beam 5:52 PM
UP AGAINST THE WALL, REDNECK MOTHER: A couple weeks ago, Layne was all (justifiably!) moist about a cool web radio station that played his type of filthy redneck music. If that's your bag and you've got the DirectTV or the AT&T digital cable (or Comcast or whatever it is I'm writing all those damn checks to), check out the Americana channel on their Music Choice dealie. A recent half-hour was chock-full of alt.country goodness. In order: The Jayhawks, John Prine, Kelly Willis, Wilco, Kathleen Edwards, Dwight Yoakam and Steve Earle. Also heard today, Hiatt's "Tennessee Plates," the late-and-lamented Picketts, those lovely Canucks The Be Good Tanyas and classic first-album Lone Justice! Hell but wasn't that album was one of the best things about the '80s? Ain't it just wicked cool they can give you all this (plus the innernut and Laurie Dhue) through a tiny little wire? Whine all you want about the soulless corporations, but right this minute they're filling my house with some of the finest music there is. If they're evil, hell's gonna rock!
Update: Also, Gram Parsons!
Update2: They also put up on the screen various artist factoids. Fr'instance, did you know that Tom Russell lived in Vancouver, BC from 1971-1973? The hell? Also, Gram Parson's wife was suspicious of his relationship with Emmylou Harris.

posted by a beam 5:06 PM

MORE LETTERMAN AND THE NEW YORK TIMES: The little gem of a picture above is from the May 13 edition of the
Wahoo Gazette. And in the comments to this Layne post, Bob Hawkins remembers that Letterman did a Top Ten list a couple years back when the Times had to admit that their statement that the North Pole was melting was, er, no longer operative. So here 'tis, from Aug. 30, 2000:
Top Ten Signs The New York Times is Slipping
10. Instead of "All The News That's Fit To Print," slogan is "Stuff We Heard From A Guy Who Says His Friend Heard About It"
9. President does something on the TV show "West Wing," next day it's on front page
8. It's 108 pages, and there's not one single vowel
7. For every story, accompanying photo is Tony Danza
6. Obituary has become list of people editors wish would die
5. Dick Cheney consistently referred to as "the dude from those Wendy's commercials"
4. Notice on sports page: "All scores are approximate"
3. Only ad in job classifieds: "Wanted -- someone who knows how to put together a damn newspaper"
2. For last two weeks, edited by a disoriented Anne Heche
1. They're endorsing George W. Bush

posted by a beam 4:24 PM
MMMMMMMM, REPTILLLLLLLLLE: Eatin' good in the neighborhood!
posted by a beam 1:37 PM
Tuesday, May 13, 2003
AS THAT ONE GUY SAYS, "HEH:" Top Ten Signs Something's Wrong at The New York Times
posted by a beam 12:55 AM